It's all Team QWERTY's fault. If any of you are getting frustrated with my crazy caches, you can pin it on him! Actually, Team QWERTY has been a close friend of mine since college and recently introduced me to the sport. I think, at the time, he said something to the effect of, 'look out cachers, I've created a monster'. Perhaps he was right!

Getting my Feet Wet
At first, I was like most newbies, chasing around like mad trying to clear out all of the caches in the area and get my numbers up. But, it didn't take me long to realize that I could do something more in this sport and get even more pleasure from it. So I started with a few simple key box caches placed at former music venues that have since closed and now live only in infamy. They garnered such a positive response that I decided to do more along that vien and that began my group of 16 caches, one for each song on the Tom Waits Real Gone album. And that's when I realized I had caught the bug – squating bare-footed in winter water trying to hang a final in the dark on a nearly invisable metal nubbin. Well, it just mushroomed from there and now a day doesn't go by when I don't find myself reading the newspaper or looking at my kids toys and thinking, "now that would make a great cache!"

Creative Caching
I decided that any cache I put in the field would be something unique to the area. From slight modifications to simple micro containers to crazy puzzle caches with unique finals, I want to bring a new approach to the sport where you not only have fun finding the cache, but have a good laugh when you get there and maybe learn something along the way. I hope that you enjoy the caches I have placed and that they have added to your enjoyment of the sport even if, on occasion, you have to get you feet wet too!