Geocaching Tools
It goes without saying that Wiki-pedia is a geocachers best friend, but here are a few other resources that I have used and continue to use to research new puzzle caches and help me solve some of the headier ones out there.

Binary Translator
This application encodes and decodes ASCII and ANSI text. Handy for some of those crazy code puzzle caches.

Babble Fish
A pretty thorough language translator

GPS Coordinate Converter
About the most thorough Coordinate Converter I've found.

GPS Coordinate Converter, Maps and Info
Another Coordinate Converter I have used.

Masonic Cipher
There are puzzles out there with this code maker.

Klingon Pocket Dictionary
You might wonder why this is here. You will need it soon...


Paperless Resources

Geocaching Quick Search
A handy little utility for anyone using a PDA or similar handheld device in the field.



Find a Grave
Great resource for researching the dead and buried.

Fox Valley Memory
Probably the best research resource for anything history related in the Fox Valley and one of my most referenced links.

Puzzle Resources

Variety Games
I've used software from this site to create custom crossword puzzles.

Every puzzle should have a geochecker button to confirm the puzzle solution and keep cachers from getting frustrated in the field (unless that's your intent).

The other solution checker.

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